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8 things Trump has done to hurt girls and women since taking office

1. Reversing on-campus sexual assault guidelines

The Trump administration, through Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, announced in September the reversal of a directive that forced universities to quickly investigate on-campus sexual assault. Former President Barack Obama had enacted the requirement, which lowered the burden of proof and cut federal funding if schools weren't compliant, in 2011. 

2. Rolling back birth control access

As Farrell said, reproductive choices, and that would include birth control, are vital for women's autonomy. Trump mentions "unreasonable limits and restrictions block [girls'] paths to achievement and self-fulfillment." Limiting access to birth control is just that kind of hurdle. 

Trump rolled back an Obamacare provision requiring employers to offer health insurance that covered birth control this month. Making the move worse, he did it on the anniversary of his "grab 'em by the pussy" tape going public. 

3. Disbanding the White House Council on Women and Girls

Seems kind of hard to shape policy that will help women and girls when you quietly suspend the White House advisory group doing just that. Trump has iced the Obama-era council as his administration decides its fate, according to a June Politico report.
Trump's also put the Department of Labor's Women's Bureau on the chopping block as part of his proposed 2018 budget. 

Separately, after he took office, the White House website was scrubbed of several pages. While this was a big deal in the climate community since it wiped away mentions of human-caused global warming, women-related pages were also deleted. A fact sheet on the Violence Against Women Act was removed along with a civil rights page. 

4. Blocking Planned Parenthood funding

Trump signed a law in April that lets local governments withhold federal funding from health providers like Planned Parenthood that offer abortions, along with myriad other women's health care treatments like breast cancer screenings. One month later he proposed a federal budget that defunded Planned Parenthood — which is already barred from using federal funds for abortion services in most cases — completely. 
5. Global Gag Rule
On a related note, after his inauguration, Trump also instituted a policy known as the "Global Gag Rule" that makes non-governmental organizations receiving U.S. funds for global health issues prove they don't use their other funding to provide abortions or talk about the option with patients. NGOs couldn't use U.S. aid for abortion services before this rule.  

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